• Bryant School District

  • New Mobile Homes

  • 6 Miles From Interstate 30



Price:  $17,500 - $60,000

Acre(s): 1 - 8.14


Sandy Springs Subdivision is a brand new development located in the midst of Saline County. These beautiful raw acreage lots range from 1 acre up to 8.14 acres. They include hardwood trees and mild rolling hills with extensive home site opportunities. The lots are conveniently located off of North Sardis Road and are a 6 mile drive from Bass Pro Shop and Interstate 30. These lots are in the prestigious Bryant School District.  Utilities include electric, Sardis water, phone/internet, and all of the lots are perc approved.

Lot 1

Price:  $22,500

Acre(s):  1

Description:  A beautiful elevated lot at the corner of Sardis Road and Lee Lane.  This piece is flat and allows for an excellent home site. 

Lot 2


Price:  $17,500

Acre(s):  1

Description:  This piece has direct direct road frontage to Lee Lane.  Looking from Lee Lane, this piece is predominantly flat with a downward elevation to its left side. 

Lot 3

Price:  $17,500

Acre(s):  1

Description:  Lot 3 has several elevation changes on lookin from Lee Lane.  To its right side there is a downward elevation heading to its left.  Towards the back of this lot it levels out for an ideal home site with privacy.  


Lot 7

Price:  $22,500

Acre(s):  1

Description:  Located directly off of Sardis Road, this 1 acre lot comes with a cleared out home site and a cleared out route for a driveway.  Looking from Sardis Road, the left side is on a hill that gradually descends to its right.  The back side of this lot backs up to a fenced in horse pasture with a pond. 

Lot 8

Price:  $22,500

Acre(s):  1

Description:  Lot 7's counterpart, it shares the the cleared out hill and cleared out driveway access.  This lot is elevated at its right side and then descends to its left. 

Lot 9


Price:  $30,000

Acre(s):  1.845

Description:  This almost 2 acres is an ideal lot if you value your privacy.  The raw acreage creates a barrier around the piece with plenty of space around the already cleared out home site.  Like lots 7 and 8, the backside of this acreage backs up to a fenced in horse pasture and pond. 

Lot 10

Price:  $30,000

Acre(s):  1.85

Description:  A predominantly flat piece with multiple potential home sites. This elongated lot allows for plenty of space to stretch out for the privacy conscious.  Directly off of North Sardis Road, there is a beautiful view of a pond on the back side. 

Lot 11

Price:  $47,500

Acre(s):  5.94

Description:  Elevated coming directly off of North Sardis Road this lot allows for an excellent home site.  It then lowers off the hill towards the middle of the tract and then rises again for great elevation in the back of the lot.    

Lot 12

Price:  $53,500

Acre(s):  7.15

Description: Level off of direct road frontage and descends towards the middle of the lot. From the middle of the lot it ascends upward to a higher elevation towards the back of the lot. This beautiful wooded piece would take minimal work to get it set up right off the road.   

Lot 13

Price:  $55,000

Acre(s):  7.9

Description: This acreage is covered in trees and provides rolling hills with level ground. From the middle of the lot it ascends upward to a higher elevation towards the back of the lot. It would take minimal dirt work to get set up right off the road. 

Lot 14

Price:  60,000

Acre(s):  8.14

Description:  Lot 14 opens up off of N. Sardis Road with flat ground that could be set up for a home site with minimal cost.  Towards the middle of the lot, the hill rolls to a wet weather creek.  The back of the lot rises to solid elevation.  This property is covered in trees and would provide privacy.  

Lot 15


Price:  $69,000

Acre(s):  15.64

Description:  This lot features an immaculate creek that runs through its 15.64 acres.  It has direct Sardis Road frontage and is similar to the other lots with its raw natural beauty.  From Sardis Road the lot starts off flat and dips down in the middle. It then rises to a hill towards the back of the piece.  Several different home site locations are possible.